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This service summarizes in a single map the main natural and territorial risks related to schools of all levels, located throughout the national territory. The service is implemented through a geo-referenced information platform (ArcGis On Line by Esri), using thematic data services published by national and regional authorities (for ex. ISPRA, Regions, etc.), as described in the "details" window. The degree of updating and reliability of the data is strictly connected to the updating and reliability of the source of the data.

To locate the school of your interest (or another buildings) you can use the dynamic zoom or type the address in the box at the top right. You can choose a base map using the button            in the left column. By clicking the button                 you can access the interactive menu of the map, thanks to which you can view some information on various risks that may characterize the areas in which schools are present, such as:

  • Landslides

  • Geological conformation of the soil

  • Hydrogeological risk

  • Location of the hydrographic network

  • Classification and seismic dangerousness of the municipalities

For further information and analysis, we invite you to contact us to analyze your specific needs.